What kinds of things can you help me teach my dog?

Everyone has different goals, and we can help you meet yours in a variety of ways. We work with owners pursuing a wide range of outcomes. Some are looking for simple obedience, others want a more comprehensively well-mannered dog, and we help those seeking to address more acute behavioral challenges. By teaching you to understand and train your dog, we make you an integral participant in the process and ensure longer-term success.

What's Group Class?

After completing obedience training, our Alumni are invited to join us for regularly scheduled Group Classes, where we continue to refine leash handling skills, advance training, take the opportunity to socialize our dogs, and meet other passionate dog owners.

Is Training only conducted in my home?

Training starts at home, but we soon move outside and away from the home. We want to train your dog with you in the real world, where the real distractions are.

My dog is highly reactive and often on edge. Do you offer Behavior Modification Training?

We would be happy to talk to you about your situation and how we can help. We have experience with behavioral issues ranging from mild suspicion to consistently aggressive behavior. We have successfully taught owners like you the skills necessary to create an environment where they and their dog feel safe.

How do I pay? Do you offer payment plans?

After we have completed an in-home consultation, and you have registered for your program, we will collect the first half of the program’s quoted price. Upon completing half of the sessions in your program, we will collect the remaining program balance.

**Please Note: Intro to Obedience is paid for in full upon registration

Is my dog too old for training?

Don’t let the saying fool you – you can teach an old dog new tricks! We do want to be sensitive to the reality that training can increase stress as dogs age. If your dog is older and you have doubts about your dog’s medical fitness for training, consider discussing this with your veterinarian before starting a new program.

Do you offer options to Board and Train?

At this time, we do not offer Board and Train programs.

Do you train Service Dogs?

Yes, we train Physical Assistants. If you have a documented need for a Service Animal, we would love to talk to you about the process.


Effective education depends on finding the right fit. We’ll take three steps to make sure we determine a good match for all involved.


Obedience 101

"Nick trained all 3 of my unruly dogs. He taught me how to lead my dogs so they would not only listen to me, but become calmer and less anxious. It’s so nice having trained dogs that we can truly enjoy. Highly recommend!"


AP Obedience

"Nick and Kory helped get my house in order after we adopted a puppy who quickly took over our lives. Drake was high energy, rude, and too embarrassing to take places. AP Obedience changed how we live with our dog. He's happier and so are we."


AP Obedience

"I hired Nick after rescuing a 6 yr old 100lb female German Shepherd with absolutely no skills with humans or other animals and no leash experience. After a month, I now have a dog partner I can take anywhere; stores, restaurants, hikes."


A better life for you and your pet starts here.


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